Photo exhibition: Stranded

Photographs from Al-tanf refugee camp in Syria, part of the exhibition project Stranded. Stranded explores the lives of Palestinian refugees from Iraq who were forced to flee after the US-led invasion. The photos show that despite the harsh living conditions of the desert camp, Palestinians stranded in al-Tanf organised their lives as communities and developed strategies for existence and survival.

For more information please visit: www.strandedinaltanf.blogspot.com

At home  
Photo exhibition: At home

Young Palestinian refugees explain their interpretation of home in a series of four photos. The work comes from a one month photo workshop at The Freedom Theatre in Jenin , held in July 2010. Photos are from 16 students aged 14-18. The project was run by award winning British photographer JD Perkins. The theme of At home was originally explored by JD Perkins with Sudanese refugees living in Cairo.

For more information please visit: http://users.ripserve.com/~perkins/jenin/

Photo exhibition: Love captured...

Sometimes, when you come face to face with reality, you see things with a fresh perspective.
Falak Shawwa shares a collection of her photographs taken in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. She captures raw and untouched images that reveal the splendor of children’s adaptation to an environment most would consider shattered and ruthless. She shows how these children can illuminate daily life in their own way through their enchanting liveliness and charm.

For more information please visit: www.falakShawwa.com/
  Love Captured

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